Unlock Your Creativity with the JAM GALAXY Generative Art Contest


Hello, artists and AI enthusiasts! This month at JAM GALAXY, we’re soaring into the futuristic, dynamic world of generative art. We’re thrilled to announce the first-ever Jam Galaxy Generative Art Contest (#JGArtContest), a platform designed to inspire, challenge, and celebrate the innovative work of creators like you.

The #JGArtContest challenges participants to take the power of AI to new heights. Using a text-to-image AI model, we’re inviting you to create unique, captivating artwork that could grace our JamGalaxy merchandise – specifically one T-shirt design and one cap design. You can submit up to one AI Art creation for each participating social media platform, and we encourage you to showcase a variety of AI language models in your work. Don’t forget to tag the AI language model (tool) you used for generative design!

What’s more, creativity doesn’t go unrewarded at Jam Galaxy. The creators of the best designs will share a prize pool of 500 USDT. It’s an opportunity not just to flex your creative muscles, but to reap rewards for your artistic endeavours.

The Genesis of The Jam Galaxy ART CONTEST

At JAM GALAXY, we believe that the crossroads of art and technology is a grand stage of boundless creativity. By harnessing the power of AI language models, we can unlock a whole new realm of artistic expression that’s distinct, original, and resonates with our digital age.

We initiated the #JGArtContest to kindle your creative flame, encouraging you to delve into the world of generative art and produce captivating, thought-provoking designs suitable for our merchandise. With the imaginative use of AI, your unique artwork could soon be showcased on our T-shirts and hats, worn and admired globally!

Importantly, we’ve designed this contest to be as inclusive and creativity-focused as possible. Our goal is not to amass likes or shares but to kindle creativity and grow our community with like-minded, rock-star creatives. All you need to do is create an AI generated image, post it on your socials and submit your post to our contest page on https://gleam.io/Q5rXz/jam-galaxy-generative-art-contest.

Contest Rules

Before we dive into how to participate on each platform, let’s go over some essential rules:

Eligibility: This contest is open to all, except employees and members of the SingularityNET ecosystem. We want to ensure a level playing field for everyone!

AI Artwork: Your submission should be created using an AI tool. For example, you could use a text-to-image AI model to generate your artwork. Remember, the idea is to explore the fusion of AI and art!

Originality is key: Your submission should be your own work, created specifically for the #JGArtContest. Please, no plagiarism.

One submission per platform: You can submit one design per social media platform. Make sure to share your design with the hashtag #JGArtContest AND tag @thejamgalaxy for it to be eligible.

JG Merchandise: The goal behind our Art Contest is not just to foster creativity but to provide our community with an opportunity to be part of the Jam Galaxy merchandise. This is your chance to have your artwork featured on our global stage.

Respect and Tolerance: We encourage participants to submit art creations that are respectful and considerate. Designs that are offensive, violent, or inappropriate will not be accepted. Let’s maintain a creative environment that is enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Remember, the #JGArtContest isn’t just about competing; it’s about exploring the fascinating world of AI-powered art, learning, and pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Contest hashtag: #JGArtContest

How to Participate on Facebook


Participating in the #JGArtContest via Facebook is a four-step process designed to ensure that your art gets the visibility it deserves.

1. Share your art: First, post your AI-created artwork on your main Facebook profile. Make sure the post is set to ‘Public’ so that everyone can appreciate your creativity. Tag @thejamgalaxy in your AI created art, and make sure you use the hashtags #JGArtContest and #thejamgalaxy.

2. Share to your stories: After making the initial post, take the excitement to your Facebook stories. Share your post on your stories and remember to tag our Facebook page @thejamgalaxy. This step allows us to share your incredible art on our stories as well.

3. Complete our contest submission form: https://gleam.io/Q5rXz/jam-galaxy-generative-art-contest

4. Make sure to follow our JAM GALAXY page on Facebook. This way, you’ll stay up to date with all the contest updates and announcements.


How to Participate on Twitter


Participating in the #JGArtContest via Twitter is just as straightforward. In three simple steps, you could be well on your way to featuring your artwork on our merchandise.

1. Tweet your art: Post your AI-generated artwork on Twitter, making sure to tag our Twitter page @thejamgalaxy in your post. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #JGArtContest and #thejamgalaxy to make your entry visible.

2. Complete our contest submission form: https://gleam.io/Q5rXz/jam-galaxy-generative-art-contest

3. Follow us: To stay updated with the contest, make sure you’re following @thejamgalaxy on Twitter. Not only will you be the first to know about any updates or announcements related to the #JGArtContest, but you’ll also be part of our growing community of artists and AI enthusiasts.


How to Participate on Instagram


Instagram, with its focus on visual content, is a fantastic platform to showcase your AI-generated artwork. Here are the steps to participate in the #JGArtContest via Instagram.

1. Post your art: Share your AI-created art in an Instagram post. Make sure to tag our Instagram account @thejamgalaxy and use the hashtags #JGArtContest and #thejamgalaxy. This step is crucial as we will be filtering images based on our hashtags.

2. Share on your stories: After you’ve posted your artwork, add it to your Instagram stories and tag our page @thejamgalaxy. This way, we can share your fantastic design on our Instagram stories as well.

3Complete our contest submission form: https://gleam.io/Q5rXz/jam-galaxy-generative-art-contest

4. Follow and engage with us: To stay connected and updated with the contest’s progression, make sure to follow our Instagram page @thejamgalaxy. We also encourage you to engage with our content as much as possible.



How to Participate on TikTok


For those of you who love TikTok’s dynamic and creative platform, participating in the #JGArtContest is an exciting opportunity to showcase your AI-generated artwork in a unique way.

1. Create your TikTok
: Your first step is to create a TikTok that includes your artwork in some form. This platform allows for more creative flexibility, meaning your artwork can be animated or incorporated into your video in a creative way. Make sure it’s clearly visible, and don’t forget to include our TikTok handle @thejamgalaxy in the post. Also, remember to use the hashtags #JGArtContest and #thejamgalaxy.

2. Complete our contest submission form: https://gleam.io/Q5rXz/jam-galaxy-generative-art-contest

3. Follow and engage with us: Lastly, ensure you’re following our TikTok account @thejamgalaxy. We love seeing your interactions with our content and hearing your thoughts on our posts.


Art Contest: 29th June - 9th July (10 DAYS)



The #JGArtContest is your express ticket to a universe where AI and art converge. As we explore this exciting new frontier, you have the chance to leave your creative mark on the Jam Galaxy merchandise.

No matter which social platform you use, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, we’ve made participation easy and straightforward.

So, grab your AI tool of choice, create something stellar, and share it with our cosmos of creatives. Your journey to AI-art stardom is just a post away! Now go ahead, create, share, and join the Jam Galaxy today!

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